What Are The Best Pet-Friendly Carpets?

Calling all pet parents, this blog is for you!  Want a new carpet but worried you can’t have the colour, style or design of your dreams?  Then worry no more as we are here to help with a detailed guide of which carpets are best for pet-friendly homes.  So if you’re longing for a new carpet but not sure which to choose, then sit back, swot up and let us talk you through our pet-friendly recommendations.

What Does Pet Proof Carpet Mean?

A pet proof carpet refers to a combination of stain and absorption resistant fibres, that work by preventing moisture, spills and smells from soaking into the flooring, making it a great option for pets (and their owners).  

To the untrained eye a pet proof carpet looks the same as any other, but it’s the clever technology beneath that stops spills from becoming stains, leaving your carpets fresher for longer.


But Is A Pet Friendly Carpet Rough To The Touch?

Absolutely not!  In fact you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference when comparing thanks to today’s modern technology.  That said, it’s worth getting to know your fibres when it comes to choosing the right style for your home.  

The four main materials used when manufacturing carpets are wool, nylon, polyester and polypropylene, but it’s the final cut or loop that determines their style.  Let’s look further into this.

  1. Wool – A natural fiber that is soft and stain resistant but can be expensive and susceptible to absorbing moisture.
  2. Nylon – A synthetic fiber known for its softness, durability and stain resistance.
  3. Polypropylene – A synthetic fibre that is soft as wool, stain resistant and can even be cleaned with bleach thanks to a special coating of the fibers.
  4. Polyester – A synthetic yet eco friendly fiber that is non-allergenic, fade, stain and moisture resistant as well as being super soft.


Then, when it comes to the finish of your carpet, its known as the carpet pile, these include:

  • Loop – Extremely durable, stain resistant and perfect for high traffic areas.  However may not be practical for pets with claws due to the loop design.
  • Saxony – Soft and luxurious.  A cut pile carpet that leaves freshly vacuumed lines visible for all to see, giving Wimbledon a run for its money thanks to its angled cut fibers.
  • Twist – A short pile carpet that is extremely tough thanks to its twisted fibers, making it a good choice for busy homes as the fibres do not flatten over time.

Therefore, given the above information, we recommend a synthetic fibre such as nylon, polyester or polypropylene with a cut pile finish such as Saxony or twist as the best option for pet-friendly carpets.  It is also common for manufacturers to offer further stain guarding so it’s worth having a chat with a carpet specialist on this to ensure you pick the perfect blend of material and finish.


Care and Maintenance of Pet-Friendly Carpets

Choosing your carpet is one thing but looking after it is another.  Although modern carpets are extremely durable, helping to preserve them with regular cleaning goes a long way to their longevity, and here’s how:

  • Vacuum regularly to remove hairs, dirt, dust and allergens.
  • Clean up any spills or accidents immediately.
  • Invest in a deep clean at least every 12 months using either hired equipment or a professional service.
  • Keep your pets clean too, especially their paws as they can carry bacteria from the outside in.

For more cleaning tips, see our previous blogs * How To Clean Carpets * and * How Clean Is Your Carpet? * for tried and tested cleaning hacks.


Tips For Keeping Pet-Friendly Carpets In Shape

  • Keep their claws trimmed to avoid damage to your flooring.
  • Use doormats when entering your home.
  • Place anti-slip, absorbent mats beneath food bowls, water bowls, litter trays or anything else that may leak or spill.
  • Reduce the amount of indoor fetch you play as this can cause damage to your flooring as your pet gains traction when picking up speed or changing direction.


I Know You Said Carpet But. . . .

Have you thought about the alternatives?  When it comes to pet-proof flooring, it’s rarely one size fits all, only you know what will work best in your home, therefore, some options to consider are laminate or vinyl which are smart choices for hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.  

But of course, if you have your heart set on carpet, we don’t blame you as nothing beats that soft underfoot feeling, but perhaps think about choosing darker, patterned or even carpet tiles, which would work wonders should the worst happen and you were left with an irreparable patch of carpet.